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DJ Jaeson resides in Austin, TX where he currently has three nightclub residencies and 24 years of DJ/ Production and Radio experience. DJ Jaeson currently has mix shows on 4 different radio networks and two talk radio shows. DJ Jaeson is also the creator of Infused Music Radio established in 2015 with his wife and radio co-host Vienna Sylvian.  In 2017, Jaeson was nominated to be president of UTRDJZ and restructured the organization to create opportunities for Djs to play on the radio, introduce new artist and new music, and created and launched UTR Radio. The mission statement for UTRDJZ is to teach, learn and create successful djs and provide an opportunity for those Under the Radar. We are currently 50 + DJs world- wide working in radio, production, events and broadcast. We continue to grow and educate upcoming djs to the pass the torch. We recruited established Veteran Djs in our organization to created a Mentoring program for the upcoming DJs. We feel that creating another wave of successful DJs can only help the Dj Culture and Music industry grow. DJ Jaeson continues work daily to network and create opportunities for the UTRDJZ.


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HOW TO SUSTAIN THE GRIND •Breathe •Exercise •Eat healthy •Stay positive •Feed your mind •Get around good people •Remember why you started ~ Unknown

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