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News broke yesterday that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon that “the United States does not have the ability to counter.” This is what we know so far: The weapon would be intended to attack other satellites, potentially crippling space-based surveillance, civilian communications, and the military’s ability to coordinate and control operations. To […]

Author and theologian John Piper recently stressed that “political flag waving” has no place in “Christian worship” amid a contentious election season. In a recent episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper, who currently serves as chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, responded to a question from a listener named Matthew regarding […]

By CP Staff, Saturday, February 17, 2024 Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Thousands of Chick-fil-A owner-operators and corporate staff packed 2 million meals in less than two hours during the fast-food chain’s annual conference this month.   Chick-fil-A teamed up with U.S. Hunger and Convoy of Hope, a faith-based disaster relief charity, on Feb. 5 to pack […]

This Salon headline caught my eye: “Hobby Lobby-funded Jesus Super Bowl ads can’t hide the hate that fuels the Christian right.” The article blasted the “He Gets Us” campaign as a “bait-and-switch, trying to lure unchurched people in with a phony message of love and acceptance, only to push them into joining up with […]

Scientists in Sudan have uncovered a 1,300-year-old body near an ancient monastery that includes a Christian tattoo that references Scripture. The discovery was made by Kari A. Guilbault of Purdue University as she examined the body in a lab at the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw. The body was found […]

If you’ve listened to conservative radio or watched CNN you may have come across columnist Erick Erickson who is known to many for his common sense, while at the same time living his faith out loud. Erickson isn’t ashamed to live his faith out in an arena that can be known as being hostile and […]

By Nicole VanDyke, CP Reporter Thursday, February 15, 2024 Comedian Chris Distefano urges Bill Maher to read Lee Strobel’s book “The Case For Christ” during an episode of the “Club Random Podcast” released on January 21, 2024. | Screengrab: YouTube/Club Random Podcast Comedian Chris Distefano recently urged Bill Maher to reconsider his position on faith, […]

During a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, host Joe Rogan and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed the importance of Christianity in a chaotic world. “I think as time rolls on, people are going to understand the need to have some sort of divine structure to things, some sort of belief […]

By Leonardo Blair, Senior Reporter Thursday, February 15, 2024 The siblings who died in the South Bend, Indiana, fire on January 21, 2024. | WNDU An investigation into a house fire in South Bend, Indiana, from which a 67-year-old Christian father managed to save himself but was unable to help any of his six children […]

Christian author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn has debunked the urban myth that there is a 50 percent divorce rate in the United States. “When I started looking at the Census Bureau tables and CDC tables, and the Bureau of Vital Statistics – that’s when I was like – ‘wait a minute this does not […]