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Last year, the population of the nation of China dropped by at least two million people. That number is over double the nation’s population decline in 2022. For context, this is like the U.S. losing the entire population of the state of Nebraska or the city of Houston, Texas, in a single year.  What continues to […]

By Nicole VanDyke, CP Reporter Tuesday, February 20, 2024 Law enforcement and medical personnel respond to a shooting at Union Station during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII victory parade on February 14, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri. Several people were shot and two people were detained after a rally celebrating the Chiefs Super […]

The name “ISIS” has been a dominant presence in the news in recent times, but the frequency with which we hear this name does not always equal understanding of it. Johnnie Moore, former campus pastor at Liberty University and author of Defying ISIS, provides insight into five crucial things Christians should know about the terrorist […]

By Nicole VanDyke, CP Reporter Tuesday, February 20, 2024 South African DJ Black Coffee at the Apollo Theater in New York City on March 3, 2018. | Grammy Award-winning South African DJ Black Coffee is making international headlines after a video showing him responding to an altar call at a church service went […]

American Idol contestant McKenna Breinholt was surprised by her birth family during her audition on the season premiere of the prominent singing competition series. Breinholt, a 25-year-old singer from Gilbert, Arizona, told the “American Idol” judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie that she was adopted and later discovered that her birth mother was […]

LAHORE, Pakistan, February 19, 2024 (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News)A judge sentenced a Christian to life in prison under Pakistan’s blasphemy statutes for a social media message that relatives say was posted using a phone stolen from him, sources said. Fanson Shahid, 56, had been beaten in his home in Lahore when arrested in March 2022 […]

A majority of entertainment consumers in the U.S. and around the world say movies and television programs too often perpetuate religious stereotypes and that they want to see faith more actually portrayed, according to a groundbreaking new survey. The HarrisX poll of nearly 10,000 entertainment consumers across 11 countries was conducted in collaboration with the […]

News broke yesterday that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon that “the United States does not have the ability to counter.” This is what we know so far: The weapon would be intended to attack other satellites, potentially crippling space-based surveillance, civilian communications, and the military’s ability to coordinate and control operations. To […]

It’s often said, “As California goes, so goes the nation.” This saying usually pertains to bad legislation and horrible trends. But can it also apply to good things?From Billy Graham’s crusades, the Jesus Movement, and Hollywood being started by a church, good soil has been plowed and there are many solid churches here.  All We […]

This Salon headline caught my eye: “Hobby Lobby-funded Jesus Super Bowl ads can’t hide the hate that fuels the Christian right.” The article blasted the “He Gets Us” campaign as a “bait-and-switch, trying to lure unchurched people in with a phony message of love and acceptance, only to push them into joining up with […]