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While we recognize Jesus became angry, we must also note this wasn’t an uncontrolled reaction.  When we get angry, our emotions can control us, and we act out of that anger, generally for revenge. But if our emotions are the guiding force, then the Spirit isn’t. And revenge doesn’t lead us to the restoration and […]

Yesterday was the fifty-first anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since 1973, more than sixty-three million babies have been aborted in America. This is equivalent to aborting the entire population of New York City seven times. The good news is that cultural engagement by pro-life advocates led to the overturning of that horrific decision in […]

The head coach of the Baltimore Ravens quoted Scripture during his post-game press conference Saturday, saying he wanted to “give glory and honor where it’s due” after his team advanced to the city’s first home AFC Championship game in over five decades.  John Harbaugh’s comments came after his top-seeded Ravens broke a halftime tie to […]

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended his Republican presidential campaign yesterday and endorsed former President Donald Trump. His decision leaves Mr. Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley as the last major candidates remaining in the race ahead of tomorrow’s New Hampshire Republican primary. His announcement is making headlines not just because it could change […]

Seven hundred years ago, Italian scholar Marsilius of Padua helped lay the foundation for our modern ideas of popular sovereignty. In his book Defensor Pacis, written in the context of an ongoing battle in Church-state relations, he anticipated the idea of separate spheres for Church and state. Though tensions over the balance of power between […]

A Christian radio host and CCM artist is opening up about her spiritual journey, saying she was an atheist until six years when she set out to disprove God but ended up having a dramatic conversion to faith. Olivia Lane is a morning host on The Message, a Christian station on SiriusXM (Channel 63), and […]

Sam Storms | Pastor, Author | Updated: Jan 18, 2024 I need to make a confession right up front. I’ve never smoked marijuana. I’ve never been drunk with alcohol. In fact, I’ve never used an illicit drug of any sort. I mention this because I’m quite sure that some will object to what […]

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor Thursday, January 18, 2024 Bishop Joseph Strickland | Screengrab/Cross Catholic Outreach A Roman Catholic bishop who was recently removed from power by Pope Francis will be honored with a pro-life award due to his track record of advocacy against abortion. Bishop Emeritus Joseph E. Strickland, former leader of the […]

It’s that time again. We have reached the mark where we come together as patriots to cast our ballot for who we believe will do their best in leading and guiding this country. A country we love and want to see succeed and prosper. But there is a lot at stake here! Our nation is […]

News last week was rife with criticism of the South African government and its bringing charges of genocide against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Criticism of the South Africa’s baseless argument, evoking horrific antisemitism, overall treacherous behavior, siding with Hamas which by its own account strives to commit actual genocide, becoming an […]