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Getty Images “The Exorcist Files” host Ryan Bethea’s fascinating foray into exorcism and the demonic realm took form while he was researching miracles. That exploration sent him deeper into a quest to understand evil. “I’ve always been fascinated by claims of the miraculous — anything that sort of violates the natural law,” Bethea told CBN’s […]

Editor’s Note: This interview with Dr. Charles Stanley originally was published in February 2020. We are re-running it today in light of his passing and in honor of his lifetime of ministry. The time demands of whom some have called “America’s Pastor” caused my sit-down interview with Dr. Charles Stanley to take some time to […]

Bob Jones University in South Carolina | Facebook/Bob Jones University The chair of Bob Jones University’s Board of Trustees has resigned effective immediately, days after the conservative Christian school’s president resigned, reportedly over issues regarding campus leadership. BJU Board of Trustees Chairman John Lewis tendered his resignation last Thursday after having served over 30 years […]

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Life can be tough and unexpected expenses can happen, causing people to be short on cash. Sometimes people need a few bucks. Some people in a small Alabama town were shocked to learn just how often one man gave and helped those in need over the years. […]

On a morning when the news is dominated by the Federal Reserve attempting to control the economy and the grand jury investigating Donald Trump, I wanted to focus on something more transcendent. To do so, however, I have to begin with the temporal. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial over a 2016 ski accident got underway […]

Warren Peay on American Idol 2023 | Screenshot: YouTube/American Idol Season 21 of “American Idol” is underway, and 23-year-old Warren Peay wowed judges with his performance of “To the Table,” for which Katy Perry dubbed him the “Christian Chris Stapleton.”  The Bamberg, South Carolina, native auditioned in front of judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and […]

The Montreat, North Carolina home of the late evangelist Billy Graham and his wife Ruth, has been transformed into a retreat center for pastors in need of restoration. According to the website Billy’s Home Place, the initiative was a joint effort by Graham’s daughter, who’s also named Ruth, a local businessman, and actor and professing Christian […]

This four-bedroom house at 198 Mississippi Road in Montreat, North Carolina, was Billy and Ruth Graham’s first home. | Courtesy of Single Point Media A North Carolina residence once home to world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham and his wife, Ruth, and their children during the most critical years of his ministry has been transformed into a […]

Old Testament scholar and Princeton Professor Jacqueline Lapsley. In 2023, Lapsley became the first female president of Union Presbyterian Seminary of Richmond, Va. | Screengrab: YouTube/Union Presbyterian Seminary A seminary in Virginia affiliated with the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States has elected the first female president in its 200-plus year history. The Board […]

Retired Marine Roy Link didn’t know 2-year-old JJ Rowland or his family, but when the 62-year-old man heard a boy had gone missing, he couldn’t resist joining the search. He turned to God for help, and it led him straight to the lost child! After laying down to take a nap with her 2-year-old son, […]