Cincinnati-Based Crossroads Music Releases New Single “We Say Yes”

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Cincinnati, OH (January 15, 2020) – Crossroads Music announces the release of their newest single, “We Say Yes” to kick-off 2021 and give us a needed reminder of why we should say “yes” to Jesus this year. Written by Erica Bostick, Wes Schrock, Justin Mosteller and Aaron Hunt and produced by Chad Carouthers, “We Say Yes” will be featured on the upcoming Conquered Graves EP along with three additional songs scheduled to release on March 19. 

This song is absolutely for the Church! It is a bold declaration that says “we say yes” to Jesus and to His plan and vision. Co-writer, Aaron Hunt said, “I love the line, ‘Our lives opened wide, our hands lifted high.’ There is something so powerful about seeing a room of people with hands raised declaring that we are submitting our lives to God and whatever He has planned. It’s a scary thing to say as well, because, in my experience, the things God calls me to are often very hard, but also without a doubt the most rewarding and life-changing.”

Robbie Reider, the Director of Crossroads Music, said “1 Samuel 15:33 clearly states that obedience is better than sacrifice. Our ability to quickly say “yes” to Jesus is the clearest sign of our love for him. It’s important for us, as the church, to place His interests above our own preferences, desires, dreams and earthly wisdom. ‘We Say Yes‘ is an ongoing journey of following Jesus day-in and day-out.”

One of co-writer Justin Mosteller’s favorite pieces of this song was also the easiest for him to write because it came straight from the Bible. He said, “We wanted to make it as clear as possible; these are the daily choices we actually make when we say ‘yes’ to Jesus. There’s no mystery to it. Galatians 5:22-23 says, ‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.’ If my ‘yes’ doesn’t look like more of those things to me and the people around me, then it’s not a ‘yes’ to Jesus. I need that clear reminder every day, so why not put a melody to it and help it stick!” 

It’s all about Jesus and they are honored and humbled that they get to be a part of what He is doing in the church — at Crossroads, and the global Church. 

You can stream or download their single on all major music platforms here.

About Crossroads Music: Crossroads Music is a part of Crossroads Church, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The music they create and sing is meant to express the human journey — from brokenness to wholeness, from seeking to finding, from darkness to lightTheir songs display the redemption and restoration of a loving God and the natural responses of gratefulness and worship. Crossroads Music’s hope is that these songs become not simply the soundtrack of day to day lives, but tools used to get and give God as much glory as they can. Recently named the fastest-growing and third-largest church in the country, the Crossroads Church community of 30,000 gathers in 13 locations in Ohio and Kentucky, along with Crossroads Anywhere, an online campus.


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