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Ex-psychics warn parents of ‘dangerous’ starseeds occult belief

Written by on May 24, 2023



Jenn Nizza, a former psychic medium who became a Christian, is warning parents about an occult belief called “starseeds” that is luring some children into demonic practices. 

On the May 12 episode of her podcast, “Ex-Psychic Saved: Exposing Divination, New Age, and the Occult,” Nizza hosted another reformed psychic medium-turned-Christian, popular TikTok user @MustuardSeedHannah, for a discussion about starseeds. Nizza defined a starseed as a person who believes there are “advanced spiritual beings from other planets and realms.” She noted that those who believe the starseeds ideology typically think they “came from stardust and have been infused with a divine light.”

Nizza explained that the hashtag for starseeds on TikTok has over 953.9 million views, a factor that loomed large in her decision to warn listeners to be aware of and avoid anything that is affiliated with the practice.

Hannah condemned the starseeds ideology as “dangerous” in light of its tendency to captivate those who already feel alone in life: “They tell you, you have this spark, and it’s part of the universe and you can change the universe through this spark. And … it really fuels people … who have good intentions, but are literally doing wickedness.” 

“The starseed ideology is so dangerous because it pulls in people who already feel lost and it gives them a place to think they can flourish and … walk into their identity, ascend [and] grow,” she maintained. Hannah insisted that people who fall into the trap of believing in starseeds fail to realize that what they are truly looking for in the ideology is sanctification, which can only come from Jesus. Instead, she added, “they found the counterfeit, which is ascension.” 

Hannah likened starseeds ideology to Scientology, noting that “they share doctrinal similarities.” She stressed that in both ideologies, “you have to depend on all these other entities and frequencies.” 

“And in Scientology, they have weird terms to describe people who are not doing what they want, and that’s in the New Age. And in starseed thinking, they do the same thing. They will literally say, ‘you have a dark entity on you,’ or ‘your chakras are blocked,’ or this or that. And it literally leads to madness.” 

Nizza noted that 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, which states that the devil “masquerades himself as an angel of light,” sums up the way in which the devil presents himself through starseeds ideology: “Of course, we know an angel is a messenger. An angel of light. And it’s no wonder that his servants would masquerade as servants of righteousness. That hits me so hard because, I mean, of course, I was one, you were one.” 

Additionally, Nizza elaborated on how starseeds ideology “comes off as something good” and “comes off as something nice; even as something godly.” She summarized the messages at the center of advocacy on behalf of starseeds as, “‘I just want to help you” and “‘Hey, you’re just so special.’” Nizza referred to those suggestions as well as the idea that starseeds came to Earth to help heal human souls” as “so attractive, except it’s just a big fat hairy lie.” 

“It’s just the devil masquerading. So he comes and he attacks through your vulnerability, my friends, through the crack in the window, right? He slips in. The Bible tells us that ‘the devil is roaming around,’ actually that he’s ‘prowling around seeking to whom he will devour.’” 

Both women drew upon their personal experiences when discussing the dangers of starseeds. As a child, Nizza said she was oppressed after being led into occult practices from a young age. The 45-year-old recalled that because she was oppressed as a child and has embraced a new identity as a saved and redeemed Christian, she has become “super passionate about these issues, [and] how they target children in a mighty way.” 

“All divination is condemned by God. … The devil’s agenda is the same. His tactics are the same. He’s current. He’s active and he keeps up with the times. So though his agenda is the same, he keeps pushing out his tricks just to get people ensnared and afraid and away from God and away from the Gospel,” Nizza warned.

Hannah, who was taught how to do palm readings as a child by her stepmother, described how “this topic is severely important to me because it dictated the direction of … both of our lives from the point that we were children, forward, until Christ intervened and saved us.” 

“When you introduce this kind of thing to a child, their heart is so pure that they’re going to take it and think that they can fall back on it when they’re an adult because it’s what they know. It’s what they were taught. It’s familiar,” she asserted.

Hannah pointed listeners to Proverbs 22:6, which states: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

“We should raise children up in the way that they should go. Does that mean they’re going to go that way? No. But, we raised them up ‘in the way that they should go.’ … When you raise a child up in the way that they shouldn’t go at all … that’s what they know,” Hannah said. 

Hannah added, “We as human beings are born sinners. We’re born under the curse of Adam [and Eve] because, you know, they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And … people need to have that revelation of sin in order to realize that they need to be delivered from it. But when you’re a child, and you’re taught this ideology from your parent or a guardian … it literally becomes your [life].” 

“The same way that God speaks, and like He spoke us into creation and He spoke the world around us into creation, parents are able to speak the life of a child into its being as you’re raising it,” she added.

Nizza outlined the supernatural experiences that can happen to children when they’re introduced to the occult: “Things are really happening to children. Children are really hearing from demons. They’re really seeing demons. They’re really receiving information.”

Examples of demonic possession cited by Nizza include situations where “the parent sees the child reporting information that sounds like from a past life or sounds like … mediumship information … giving an account of great grandpa’s life although the child was [too young to know].” Emphasizing that “these things are really happening,” she explained that “the devil uses this whole thing,” adding: “He targets the kid [and] gets to the parents.” 

Nizza delivered a message to those who “have family or friends that are wrapped up in this, that are really paying attention to it and you’re feeling hopeless,” encouraging them to “pray for them without cease.” 

“Somebody was praying for me. God can save anybody,” Nizza concluded. “Don’t give up hope. You’re listening to two women that were wrapped up in this and saved by the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. So don’t give up hope.”

Nicole Alcindor is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at: [email protected].

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