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The Chosen Is Sparking a ‘Hunger for the Bible’ among Viewers: They’re ‘Diving Deeper,’ Exec Says

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An executive who works behind the scenes on The Chosen says the series is igniting a “hunger” among viewers to read their Bibles and deepen their walk with Christ.

Katherine Warnock, vice president of original content for The Chosen, told Christian Headlines that the series is not a “replacement” for Scripture but instead has a goal of leading viewers back to their Bibles.

The series, in its third season, has been streamed more than 400 million times worldwide. The Chosen Season 3 Finale, a movie, will release in theaters Feb. 2-6.

“At the end of the day, our passion, our goal is to introduce people to the authentic Jesus, and to draw people into wanting to dive into their Bible, to read the Word of God. We’re unashamed that those are our goals,” Warnock told Christian Headlines. “And we’re seeing people every day say, ‘Because of The Chosen … we’re actually diving deeper into the stories of the Bible – my hunger for the Bible, for the Word of God has awoken like I’ve never had before.’ And so that’s the fruit we’re seeing.”

Viewers, she said, understand that the series uses creative license. She said they often say in feedback, “It’s making me hungry to see what really is in Scripture.”

“We’re not claiming to replace the Bible,” Warnock said. “Quite contrary, we want to drive people to read the Word of God.”

The scripts, she added, are viewed by a panel of three religious scholars before they are used on set.

“We have an evangelical biblical scholar, we have a Messianic rabbi … and we also have a Catholic priest,” Warnock told Christian Headlines. “And the three of them come together, they comb over every single line of every single script. They counsel with [director] Dallas Jenkins and our other two writers. … So every single line of every script is discussed and reviewed by the biblical scholars.”

The Angel Studios series can be streamed, for free, on The Chosen app or the Angel Studios app.


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Photo courtesy: ©The Chosen/Angel Studios

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