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And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

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Special Notice To Artists

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  • We believe that praise to the Lord through music is beautiful and when done from the heart in truth and sincerity can transform lives. 

  • Our goal is to bring the good news and love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the world by providing an established platform for independent Christian artists to have their music heard.

  • All songs are screened and are hand picked from the submissions we receive as well as from record pools and various online music platforms.

  • We will not play any song that does not bring glory to the Lord or properly represent the kingdom of heaven or does not have a positive message to share with our worldwide listening audience.

  • Please carefully consider your choice of song(s) before sending it to us for air-play consideration.

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Submission Guidelines:

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  • Must be of a genre that we are currently playing on BigBoxRadio (Christian Hip-Hop/Rap, Rhythm & Praise, Inspirational/Gospel)

  • All submissions will be considered for airplay and are approved or denied based on the recommendations of our review team experts

  • Song submissions must be in mp3 format only and also be of good sound quality (recorded in no less than 192k)

  • Songs received with profanity or cursing of any kind will be automatically rejected and discarded

  • If your song is approved for airplay it will appear in our “Added To Rotation” playlists for feedback from our listeners. Spotify, SoundCloud, & any download links to your music is recommended with your submission

  • Social media links (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) may be included along with appropriate artwork or covers for your music

  • Although a promotional fee will not be required for songs that are approved for airplay, please consider supporting our ministry via a donation of your choice

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  • Independent artists looking to have their spins credited with online radio stations like BigBoxRadio are recommended to register with SoundExchange

  • Registration with BMI, SESAC, and/or ASCAP is optional and recommended only for when your song needs to be monitored and credits applied during airplay on most FM radio stations


Email your submissions to [email protected]

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We create video & music teasers like these for your social media!

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For inquires and pricing email us at [email protected]

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