Does Supporting President Trump Hurt the Gospel? The divide in our nation among Christians seems to be fueled primarily by misinformation and false narratives. I believe that God is allowing these differences so we can practice Scripture and love those we disagree with, but some groups are being outright dishonest. For example, Not […]

Husband Forgives Distracted Driver Who Killed His Wife: The Power of Faith in Storms of Deception and Pain Melissa Nielsen kissed her husband Curtis goodbye and told him she would see him soon. She then left for her daily morning walk around their neighborhood in Rigby, Idaho. Within minutes, Curtis’s phone rang. It […]

Why Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Is So Relevant to Politics and Religion Today “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” So declares Linus in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Today, let’s discuss all three. We’ll begin with the last. As […]

Live Not by Lies: The Least We Must Do Bari Weiss, who recently resigned in protest from The New York Times, has just published a shocking piece in Tablet, warning of a “danger, this one from the left… one that has attained cultural dominance, capturing America’s elites and our most powerful institutions.” “I am here […]

Social Media Influenced or ‘Influencers’? The highest-paid earner on YouTube isn’t old enough to get a driver’s license. He’s nine. His name is Ryan, and his channel made 26-million dollars last year. In fact, two of the top three global earners on YouTube last year are under 10 years old. The third-highest earner was […]

Two Surprising Explanations for Our Divisiveness and Three Biblical Responses Let’s begin with some surprising good news: politicians can agree to get along. I’m not referring to last night’s presidential debate, which we’ll get to in a moment, but to a video tweeted from the governor’s race in Utah which has gone viral. […]

How Chuck Colson Thought Abortion Would Ultimately End During a recent prayer gathering on the National Mall, Terry Beatley, a commissioned Colson Fellow and president of a pro-life organization called the Hosea Initiative, reminded the crowd of a story Chuck Colson told in a BreakPoint commentary 25 years ago. The story, of how God […]

‘You Can Either Complain About Things, You Can Be Grieved or You Can Do Something’: Mike Sharrow We recently had the opportunity to talk with our friend Mike Sharrow, president and CEO of C12 Group, a global network of peer advisory groups for Christian business leaders. We discussed the importance of Christian business […]

Trump, Biden Present Dramatically Different Visions for America in Final Debate President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden displayed sharp differences on coronavirus response, energy, immigration and a host of other issues Thursday night during their second and final presidential debate. The event at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., was far more civil […]

Franklin Graham: Pope Francis’ Attempts to ‘Normalize Homosexuality’ Is to Say the Bible Is False In a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, Evangelist Franklin Graham addressed Pope Francis’ endorsement of same-sex civil unions saying it contradicts the Bible’s take on homosexuality. Graham wrote that the Pope’s comments, which were made in the new […]

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