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Just War theory is one of the most significant contributions of Christianity to the world. On a recent episode of Breakpoint This Week, Dr. Eric Patterson, president of the Religious Freedom Institute and a political scientist who has done extensive work on the subject, discussed how the Just War tradition can help us think through the atrocities […]

Fred Rogers famously said, “Look for the helpers”. What do you do when the darkness is too much to bear? When the pain, grief, and horror are overwhelming? The acclaimed children’s television presenter passed on this advice: “My mother used to say, a long time ago, whenever there would be a real catastrophe … she […]

Actor Matt Damon has joined a growing list of celebrities seeking to prevent a historic church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City from being torn down and turned into a $30 million luxury condominium. According to The Christian Post, Damon’s efforts to save West Park Presbyterian Church, located at 165 […]

Bishop Carlton Pearson poses for photos at the premiere of the Netflix project “Come Sunday” in 2018. | Flickr/Trey Jones In an announcement she called a “slow motion update,” Gina Gauthier, the ex-wife of former megachurch pastor Carlton Pearson, who is currently battling terminal cancer, called on the “people of God” Thursday to prepare […]

A month after publicly announcing her baptism, celebrity tattoo Kat Von D shared her testimony on coming to faith in Jesus Christ and how Christians can pray for her unsaved husband rather than criticizing him.  On Monday’s episode of the “Relatable” podcast, she told host and Christian conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey how her conversion […]

Liam’s dad passed away last December after a long bout with cancer. At the age of 14, this military teen faced the death of his father and the subsequent deployment of his mother, an Army officer, in the span of just a few months. His burden seemed almost too much to bear for even the […]

According to Christian teachers and parents in Egypt, students in the country are facing frequent cases of discrimination for their faith, sometimes extreme, in violation of Egyptian law. The country’s constitution states all religions can be taught in school, and emphasizing one religion as more true than others is illegal. Despite these protections, in practice, […]

Terence Gray is the senior pastor of Saint Mark AME Orlando in Florida. | Screenshot: Facebook/Saint Mark AME Orlando A Florida pastor who allegedly lashed students for misbehaving at a private school run by his church is coming under fire from some parents who believe he should be arrested for using old-school disciplinary measures on […]

A Jesuit priest in Italy hosts a night featuring electronic music at the 15th-century Jesuit church on Milan’s San Fedele Square. Father Antonio Pileggi, 57, presents a night of music at the San Fedele Cultural Centre featuring experimental electronic composers Maryanne Amacher and Tim Hecker. Next month, Pileggi will host a concert by Alessandro Cortini, […]

Pastor and author Michael Youssef says the problem of biblical illiteracy is to blame for America’s growing secularism, and he hopes a new book on the topic can help turn the tide. The founder of Leading The Way Ministries and the pastor of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Youssef, this month released a new […]