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Minister and author Max Lucado is opening up about his past use of alcohol, saying he once drank beer to “manage” stress instead of asking the elders for help with his jam-packed schedule. Lucado, the teaching minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio and a prolific author, writes in his new book, God Never […]

Movie Cover for “Divine Influencer,” 2023 | Pure Flix Director Shari Rigby and actress Lara Silva have been successful in Hollywood in recent years, and the entertainers are giving all the credit to God, who divinely intervened on their behalf when no one else believed in them.  Rigby (“Overcomer”) is the director of the new […]

The man whose story inspired the hit movie Sound of Freedom told a U.S. Congressional panel Wednesday that the Biden administration’s immigration policies along the southern border are “feeding the growth” of child sex trafficking. Tim Ballard, whose story was re-told in the summer blockbuster, told a U.S. House panel that the lack of a […]

The inaugural movie from what has been called the “world’s first Christian fan-owned movie studio” releases in theaters this weekend, and it has some well-known Hollywood names behind it. Camp Hideout, a PG-rated family comedy, will release in theaters Sept. 15 across the United States. It tells the story of a teenage boy named Noah […]

Christian hip-hop artist K.B. says he and fellow artist Lecrae remain friends three years after he left Lecrae’s label Reach Records in order to sign a deal with Sony. The men are two of the biggest names in Christian hip-hop, a fact that led fans to speculate back in 2020 on the reasons K.B. left […]

Rev. Dean Nelson, vice president of government relations at Human Coalition, speaks to a crowd on Sept. 12. 2023, at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. | Samantha Kamman/The Christian Post WASHINGTON — Congressional and religious leaders gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss how the pro-life movement can reach minority communities on the […]

Jill Duggar Dillard opens up about her dispute with her parents in a new book, claiming her father treats her worse than her brother, Josh, who is serving 12.5 years in prison for possessing child pornography. Dillard’s new book, Counting the Cost, talks about her experience on the TLC reality TV show 19 Kids and […]

Hundreds gather near the Robert E. Lee statue off Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, to counter a rally by a pro-Confederate statue group from Tennessee on September 16, 2017. | The Christian Post Despite ongoing racial reconciliation efforts in some churches and society in general, a yawning divide still endures between black and white Americans […]

Were the wildfires on Maui the result of a secret “weather weapon” being tested by the US? Should money being spent on the war in Ukraine be spent at home for disaster relief instead? If you believe the disinformation campaigns currently being waged by China and Russia, you’re likely to say yes to both […]

Päivi Räsänen, a member of the Finnish Parliament, is currently on trial, charged with hate crimes against a minority group. To be specific, Räsänen is being accused of violating a Finnish law that prohibits “War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.” According to state prosecutors, Räsänen committed the crime by quoting the Bible in support of […]