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Tears streamed down my face as I watched this year’s Christmas commercial from Chevy. While scrolling through social media, I saw the warnings to grab Kleenex, but I wasn’t expecting it to hit me like that—the commercial centers around an older woman with Alzheimer’s. The extended family is gathered for Christmas, and a granddaughter takes […]

Grammy-winning Christian singer Lauren Daigle says in a new interview that she has a heart for adoption and has made an “adoption pact” with her friends, pledging to adopt at least one child in the future due to the abundance of children in need. The two-time Grammy winner made the comments to People ahead of […]

Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall initially didn’t want a movie made about his band. And if one were ever made — he says, jokingly — he wanted Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, or Morgan Freeman to portray him.  “I don’t have any car chases or shootouts in my story,” he says, laughing. Eventually, though, Hall did […]

Recent attacks by radical neighbors on a church in a small Christian community near Karachi, Pakistan, endangered the lives of a pastor, his family, and his congregation. On October 24, 2023, a group mainly comprised of fruit and vegetable sellers with extremist ideologies targeted the church during a prayer service. One of the vendors arrived […]

Hans Schmidt, 26, was shot on Nov. 15 while preaching on the street on the corner of 51st Avenue and Peoria in Glendale, Arizona, when an assailant shot him in the head. According to a GoFundMe set up by family friend Brad Currell, the bullet “traveled through his brain and is still inside on the […]

Actor Kristoffer Polaha is opening up about his journey to Christ, saying he explored the world’s religions and survived six years in a spiritual “wilderness” before God got his attention through a woman who eventually became his wife. Polaha stars as the lead character in the new Angel Studios film The Shift — which opens […]

By Nicole Alcindor, CP Reporter Tuesday, November 28, 2023 Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins speaks during a press conference on Nov. 17, 2023. | Screenshot: After a season-ending injury derailed what may have been his career season and potential MVP campaign, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins told the media that his NFL career is […]

“Each room is designed to capture this pure, unfiltered delight and imagination” so visitors “see this time of year through the wondrous, sparkling eyes of children,” the first lady said Monday. About 100,000 visitors are expected to visit the White House over the holidays and experience the “Magic, Wonder and Joy” of the White House. […]

By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter Tuesday, November 28, 2023 Pastor Cory Schibler, his wife Crystal, and there two children Rylie and Judah. | Coutrsy of Cory Schibler After spending years trying to fight Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Cory Schibler, the worship pastor at Beacon Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas, is now facing a deadly mutation […]

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A face most Americans are familiar with, though most of us are too young to remember where we were when it happened. On a campaign trip for the 1964 Presidential Election, the President’s motorcade drew a huge crowd in Dallas. Kennedy was […]